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Game Help

Data Fragments - What if I mess one up?
You can still win the game - so don't worry. Some of the data fragments can be hard and you may need to do some research to get them right.

Post Training - The door is locked and I cannot go anywhere.

You need to look for another exit that is not the door. Move your cursor around and examine eveything.

Stuck in Old Power Plant – What do I do here?

If you are just starting, you need to find your way to the emergency exit.

Stuck in Old Power Plant - How do I setup a meeting?

You need a TPS form first. Once you have the TPS form, you need to find 4 employee Ids. The computer does not let you schedule a meeting with less than 4 people.

Stuck in Old Power Plant - I cannot find 4 employee Ids

The IDs are all in the same room. They might be hard to see so you need to really look.

Robot says I need a stamp – How do I get a stamp?

You need to take the elevator up to get a stamp.  This means fixing the elevator.

How do I fix the elevator?

First – you need to have a meeting where the robot tells you that you need a stamp.  You need to find something that can convert energy to the elevator.  I would look around to find it.

How do I convert energy to the elevator?

Use the upgrade found in the locker room.  You will need to find the key to unlock the doors.

How do I power up the plant?

Faber-842 battery is powerful even when it has been depleted.  I bet throwing one of those in the power core would do the trick.