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Puzzle at Gate - Hint 1
To have the gate open without a little help is based purely on luck. Go visit your CEO friend to get a screwdriver to open the lid to the puzzle.
Puzzle at Gate - Hint 2
Click on the screwdriver and then on the lid to the puzzle (just above the red button). The direction the dials spin depends on whether the wires are crossed or not. If you have the wires the same (either both crossed or both straight) the dial will spin in the same direction.
Puzzle at Gate - Hint 3
Once the the wires are the same, adjust the dial to match up before pressing the button. The two dials should spin in the same direction if you have set the wires correctly. Use the left joystick to adjust the outer dial.
Map Hint 1
You need to find all the pieces to complete the map. All the map pieces are scattered along the path.
Map Piece in the water
You need to use the shovel to get this piece out of the water. Click on the shovel and then click on the piece to retrieve it.
Map Complete - What now?
Once the map is complete, you need to go to the area by the pool of water. Click on the map and then click on the desert.