J.S. Sterling created Neociv using his own money and selling raw material found near the colony.  The material could be used in a new type of storage cell (battery) that quickly became the standard on other colonies and even Earth.

All the labor for mining the material, security (military) and basic colony maintenance and construction is outsourced to third party firms.  The colonist focus their attention on personal growth (both physical and mental) along with programs to improve the lives of all living creatures throughout the galaxies.

A normal life of a citizen on Neociv was taking classes at the university, playing sports, working on pet projects and debating.  Neociv created a competitive environment that pushed people to achieve more.  In a short period of time, the colony had created 1000s of new patents (all free) and hundreds of frameworks for better running governments and businesses.  Although they were helping billions of people, they were making many powerful enemies.

Battery Technology: 

With the heavy use of personal electronics and energy transportation, energy storage has become a critical component in energy management.

Before Neociv technologies', 15% of the energy was lost just storing the energy to batteries and another 50% is lost when converted back into useful energy.  For soldiers, lugging around heavy batteries became a major obstacle.

This all changed with the Neociv family of storage cells.  Our cells don't loose power - not during a charge and not during a draw.   No other storage cell can make this claim.

Here are our most common storage cells:

Adams/42 is our consumer grade storage cell.  One cell can power your basic needs.  This battery has been ranked as "Mostly harmless" because the chain reaction in the battery never reaches critical mass.  Although it does not loose energy, the recharge rate decreases over time.  Cell weighs in at 20 grams.

Our entry-level personal / military model is the K.Trout-5.  This battery has twice the power of the Adams/42 along with an ever-increasing re-charge rate.  As with all our professional batteries, it does become unstable after frequent uses and will explode.  Usage requires proper certifications.  Cell weighs in at 40 grams.

Our professional military model is the Faber-842.  This cell can power almost anything and has the fastest re-charge rates in any personal model.  Unit has plenty of charges before becoming unstable and exploding.  Faber-842 can power the most powerful weapon and body armor while weighing in at less than 50 grams.

A failed assassination attempt was made on J.S. Sterling after the initial release of his Adams/42 battery.  A CEO at a mega company on Earth ordered the hit after the battery wiped out one of his product lines. CEO was given a bonus for taking initiative and then fired for missing his quaterly numbers by 2%.