When you start a business or expand, you get a selection for each player on your team. If you are playing with only a single player on the team and it is a Hard category, your odds of getting an A = 2.4% (not very likely). If you have 6 players on the team, your odds are now 14.3% (better).

If you come across a cheat while selecting, you can activate it. The cheat will make a selection for you and is automatically triggered for the rest of the game. You can have a maximum of 5 cheats for either revenue or cost. If you have a hard category with 6 players and 5 cheats, the probability of getting an A increases to 26.2%.

Why not cheat? A cheat is not illegal but does go into the darker side of business. Here are some real life examples: one-time-charges, revenue recognition, increasing capitol expenditures, using lobbyist, self-serving standards setting and many efforts to make it hard for small business to compete.

If you cheat, you run the risk of becoming too cynical to run the business. You have lost your humanity. Each student starts with a purity rating of 100. If that drops to zero, you will be flunked out. Do not fear, for you will be an attractive candidate to many other MBA programs.