Game is now available to purchase directly on your XBox 360 in the Game Marketplace / Indie Games. You can also go to this Microsoft link to download it from your PC.

Here is your chance to go to a super elite business school and earn an MBA.  However, Future Robber Baron’s University is like no other business school.  It is not about lectures and exams.  There is only one test and only one thing that counts - can you make money?  How much?  1 Billion dollars in four years or you flunk out.

Game has six different types of businesses to start and run.  Companies include Internet giants, mega discounters, controversial news networks and questionable insurance agencies.

You can take the high road (and probably struggle) or take the low road (but run the risk of class action suits).  You can also cheat while doing your day-to-day management of these companies.  However, too much cheating and you will become soulless and flunked out.